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Innovative, Advanced and Bespoke solutions
Optimising system performance

Innovative and Integrated Flexible remote Management Solutions for OEM

Logic Energy is a recognised leader in bespoke, remote monitoring, delivering new and innovative “hidden and intelligent systems” using smart connectivity. With over 3000 installations to date, the company is delivering systems and services to our client base that make a difference. Logic Energy has helped to reduce cost, improve productivity and manage risk for our clients. We are very interested to meet with you to discuss some of the ideas that we have developed for your sector.

By incorporating our live monitoring systems and services into your clients’ day to day operations, we deliver a bespoke reliable and safe service that strengthens and supports your customer’s goals. Our systems integrate easily and effectively with existing client systems such as Renewable energy, Heating system, Cooling and manufacturing processes creating functionality and avoiding the potentially significant cost of OEM developed solutions. In summary, we provide cost effective solutions to recurring or ongoing problems.

Custom Monitoring Logic Energy

We are passionate about helping and supporting our customers. With our core GPRS, Ethernet and machine protocol products added to Logic Energy’s LeSENSE web management portal, in addition to our ‘new product’ development team and systems support group we can provide a range of solutions across a number of business sectors. All our products have been CE and EMC tested and manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001 standards. Our servers are hosted on a SAS 70 Type II data centre, providing the same level of reliability and security as Banks.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our ideas. Hopefully, in doing so we shall be able help you realise some of the economically viable resource efficient solutions we can deliver for your organisation.

Agri-tech Services (UK) Ltd

Agri-tech Services specialises in providing high-tech services and solutions to Agriculture Horticulture and Industry

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We would get our monthly running costs of the “Logic Energy Remote Climate Station” system back in one journey. The capital cost of the equipment would be more than paid off in one season – it’s a no brainer
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