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  1. Intel demos Energy Collective Optimisation [ECO] Edge Demand Response system in Las Vegas at AWS re:invent with Machinon
  2. Provide Energy Efficiency Monitoring for the Councils – SEEP
  3. Substation Monitoring for Future Networks
  4. Using IT to Enable Smart Grids in Rural Applications
  5. From the Grid to SmartGrids to the Grid of Things
  6. Monitoring Power Losses at Scottish Power Energy Networks Substations
  7. Why Energy Monitoring is Key in microGrids
  8. Glen Dimplex Showcases RealValue with Live Demonstrations at EURELECTRIC Conferences
  9. Street Lighting: A Promising Platform for Smart City Systems
  10. RealValue: Reducing Energy Expenses with Smart Data
  11. Horizon 2020 Real Value Project update
  12. Industrial Internet of Things: Making Businesses Smarter
  13. How Applications Enhance Energy Consumption Visibility and Control
  14. Improving UK Market Conditions for Energy Storage
  15. What Are Ancillary Services and Why Do Power Grids Need Them?
  16. How Energy Storage and DSM Can Help Decarbonize the Grid
  17. How Green Technologies Will Increase Demand on the Power Grid
  18. How Renewable Generation Makes Energy Storage More Valuable?
  19. Residential, Commercial and Industrial DSM: How Does It Change?
  20. What is Enhanced Frequency Response and Which Are Its Benefits?
  21. Advantages of Energy Storage at the Point of Consumption
  22. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in a Smart Home
  23. Emerging Technologies That Utilities Can’t Afford to Ignore
  24. The New Generation of Utility Companies
  25. DSM in the Residential Sector: Smart Heating and Mobile Applications
  26. Importance of Monitoring Systems in Pilot Projects
  27. How Smart Batteries and Heat Storage Will Enhance DSM
  28. Optimizing Power Grids with Demand-Side Management
  29. Towards the Smart Grid: The Importance of Monitoring Systems
  30. Monitoring Solar PV System Performance for NHS Scotland Hospitals
  31. Biomass Boiler Monitoring for Nottinghamshire Woodheat Project
  32. Monitoring Systems for Biomass Boilers at Wiltshire County Schools
  33. Solar PV Output Measurement for the Scottish Prison Service
  34. Heat Pump Performance Monitoring at SPT Subway Stations
  35. RealValue 2020: Demand Side Management with Smart Heaters
  36. Red Bull Air Race & WINDCRANE for upcoming Championship
  37. British Gas ECOview monitoring system by Logic Energy
  38. British Gas’ Generation Green Initiative
  39. microEnergy Managers – Cranfield Academy
  40. National Trust – Remote monitoring Marine Source Heat Pump Plas Newydd
  41. Android & iPhone App for WINDCRANE
  42. New product WINDCRANE
  43. Hybrid Heating boiler performance – Field Trials with British Gas
  44. Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Ethics – UNWFP
  45. Logic Energy takes a school pupil for a week
  46. The winner of Logic Energy’s school competition is…
  47. Renewable Heat Incentive
  48. Energy Monitoring for Schools – Save energy and educate
  49. Demand Side Management Monitoring – Customer Field Trials with Scottish & Southern Energy & Strathclyde University
  50. District Heating Systems – Customer Field Trials with Scottish & Southern Energy
  51. Have a free beer on us :)
  52. What is LeNETmobile GSM data logger?
  53. What is LeSENSE web management portal?
  54. Off-grid Energy monitoring for the community
  55. Waste management via Live Energy Dashboards
  56. Nemex Sustainability Live 2014
  57. Logic Energy at Nec Energy Event September 2013
  58. Monitoring Electricity Produced with current transducers
  59. Logic Energy at Scotland’s Technology Show 2013
  60. Logic Energy’s Web Site for Schools
  61. Logic Energy working with the United Nations World Food Programme in Somalia
  62. Logic Energy weather monitoring equipment for telecommunications sites in the Caucasus region
  63. Logic Energy monitors award winning Island Community Installation
  64. Performance Testing of a small Wind Turbine
  65. Pure Energy Centre Certified Installer for Logic Energy
  66. Logic Energy assists with School Energy Projects
  67. To Voltage Optimise or not to Voltage Optimise… that is the question
  68. Community Benefits and Costs of Onshore Wind
  69. Removing Risk in Renewable Energy projects
  70. “PowerUp” Inverter monitor
  71. Logic Energy monitoring systems successfully installed in 28 new renewable energy sites in the Scottish Western Isles
  72. New Product Launches Wireless Temperature Sensor
  73. Logic Energy at the Olympics!
  74. Logic Energy in the News
  75. Logic Energy named as a key speaker at RenewableUK 2012 Annual conference
  76. RenewableUK Annual Conference 2012
  77. Logic Energy at Cold Comfort 2012 exhibition
  78. Logic Energy will be exhibiting at Instrumentation Scotland & Offshore Systems 2012
  79. History of the Anemometer
  80. Shell Springboard Regional Finalist
  81. Hamilton Separate School Board in Canada Completes Wind Turbine Project
  82. Logic Energy expands on the PhotoVoltaic Market
  83. Extension of Logic Energy’s global reach in Telecoms Market
  84. Are you keeping up with new advances in wind monitoring?
  85. Enterprise Minister Meets Logic Energy Founder, Eduardo Estelles
  86. Coming Events
  87. New Installation at Inverdee House for SEPA
  88. Logic Energy is Finalist in Energy Innovation Awards
  89. LeWL Wind Logger Installation, Turkey
  90. Currie Communitiy High School Energy Display
  91. Baird Memorial Primary, latest school to install Logic Energy educational display
  92. Logic Energy exhibit at Zero Emission Rome
  93. Herald Scotland Digital Business Awards 2010 Finalist
  94. Logic Energy CEO Eduardo Estelles named as a key speaker at the UK’s premier renewable energy event
  95. Logic Energy system featured on the BBC
  96. Logic Energy donate equipment for renewable installations in the Middle East
  97. Wind: Pre-Installation Site Assessment
  98. Logic Energy exhibit at world’s largest wind energy conference
  99. Logic Energy display at International Small Wind Conference
  100. Logic Energy exhibit at UK’s biggest annual Renewable Energy Conference
  101. Logic Energy exhibiting at global conferences in 2010
  102. Feed in Tariff 2010
  103. Logic Energy at International Small Wind Conference, Glasgow
  104. Inverclyde secondary school display
  105. Newark Primary and Nursery School
  106. The Hydrogen Office Energy Display
  107. River Cottage Installation
  108. Dearne Carrfield Primary School Installation
  109. River Cottage Wind Turbine Energy Display


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