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Technology that saves Time and Money

When doing Site Assessment for Solar or Wind applications, every day of data counts. Logic Energy Remote Monitoring system allows you to track all your sites in real time from a single web portal. No software, no modems, no dial-ups.

Logic Energy Hardware
(LeNET data input)


LeNETmobile is our GPRS hardware able to connect up to 14 sensors at once and feed them Live through the Internet, whether wind speed anemometers for Wind Energy projects or solar radiation pyranometers for Solar projects

  • LeNETmobile GPRS allows to monitor 4 anemometers, 2 wind vanes, 4 digital counters and 4 analogue inputs simultaneously over the Internet. (1Hz sampling rate)
  • LeNETmobile is built-in QUADband GPRS technology so there’re no extra add-ons to start collecting data remotely. All data is Live transmitted every 10 minutes via GPRS.
  • All the sensor setup, coefficient and offsets calibrations are done remotely via LeSENSE web portal with no time constrains. Just plug the sensors and walk away.
  • The system uses very little power and data traffic, making it very compact and affordable. LeNETmobile itself uses less than 5mAh

Logic Energy Software
(LeSENSE management platform)

LeSENSE web management portal run on dedicated managed servers, hosted by one of the best data centers worldwide.

All the data collected from the sensors is automatically push to LeSENSE every 10 minutes reducing the risk of losing data from potential animal damage or vandalism. As if this was not enough, all the data is backed up daily over a network of servers worldwide.

  • Logic Energy uses Bank grade SAS70 Type II data centers around the world.
  • The data stored is not only archived but also indexed so it is easily available to you via web reporting tools to produce meaningful charts and reports without the need to download a single byte of data. Best of all, data from multiple sites can be compared in real time for profile matching.
  • When the site assessment is finished, the same kit can be used to monitor the renewable energy system to be installed. Be it a Wind Turbine, Solar panels, Heat pumps…

Logic Energy Client
(mobile phone, PC access)

Until now only technical people with the right software and hardware was able to access their remote data loggers data. With Logic Energy system anyone can do it without any kind of technical skills.

As simple as having an email account, log on to LeSENSE web management portal and access every single site, installation and device information in real time. Set-up custom alerts and give limited access to your clients so they can see their site’s energy potential too.

  • Once a system is activated, there’s absolutely nothing else to do but to wait for data to keep coming in every 10 minutes for the length of the analysis period.
  • All data is automatically retrieved, indexed and archived from every single remote LeNETmobile unit
  • Access and download historical data, raw data, give mobile access to your clients so they can get excited about their land’s potential.

Clients looking to invest in Renewable Energy usually understand little about the INs and OUTs of it, how to get the maximum return on their investment or how to choose the best type of technology and brand for their land.

Involving them since the beginning by sharing Live information with them is a great way to inform how much potential Renewable Energy System can have but also to educate on expectations and how to make the most of it. A site assessment does not finish after measuring wind or solar availability, it continues through the life of the wind turbine or solar park so Energy Yields can be maximum all the time.

If you are looking for a low cost Small Scale Wind Turbine Data Logger,  have a look at our LeWL WindLogger and WindTracker

More technological features:
Is Fast,
really Fast!

Download a full year of a site’s data within seconds. 

Truly Remote Live Monitoring

Use the same equipment to Remote Monitor any Wind Turbine or Solar system after site assessment

Universal Management

Incorporate to the system new sensors and data, like Import/Export electricity, heating, cooling room temperatures

Fully Managed

No software to run or maintain, we keep things ticking for you

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