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Live Meteorological Site Assessment

Wind Monitoring Specialist

A Scottish based Wind Monitoring Specialist approached Logic Energy to see if they could assist with an affordable and accurate site survey tool that could be used by their customers to attach to their wind monitoring masts in order to measure wind speed pre-turbine installation. Their customers needed to be assured that their wind turbines would work 24/7 in high turbulence sites where there was a real possibility that the wind could work against the turbine resulting in low production/revenue and higher maintenance costs. A key priority for the specialist was to find a monitoring system that would help their clients to understand the wind on their site and give them peace of mind that they had found the right site prior to investment in a wind turbine.

Logic Energy Solution

50m met mast Logic EnergyThe Logic Energy Solution was to provide durable live wind measuring equipment with calibrated wind sensors which were able to measure wind turbulence at different heights. The system provided 14 input sensors that could record data and send it live through the fully wireless GPRS network to deliver remote web access 24/7 with ensured data protection and complete confidentiality. Running on batteries for short Noise assessment consultation or a PV power kit the system is ideal for long term and remote locations.
The advanced system allows users to gain access to key information such as wind speeds, direction, humidity, pressure, temperature, rain, solar radiation., etc.

It can also connect post installation to the Wind Turbine to monitor performance and Energy output
The Logic Energy solution connects with any mobile network worldwide direct to users via their web browser or through a mobile phone App and delivers fully automated online reports and charts that are simple to read and easy to export. Scheduled updates and alarmed conditions were also included within the system.


Built on innovative Live GPRS technology, the system offers users in remote locations a robust and efficient solution to provide a reliable service in remote and extreme weather conditions. The customers are able to log into the system using a unique customer login and password which takes them to the Logic Energy Web portal to provide real time live reports on weather conditions. This gives them an easy to use tool to enable them to supervise and analyse real live data over the specified time period. The clients are able to enjoy seeing their site’s wind data and get a better understanding of the potential of the site which gives them confidence to install the wind turbine without having to rely on third party information providing transparency for both the customers and investors.

LeSENSE wind monitoring

The customer and investors are able to use the same system post installation to monitor the wind turbine energy performance and compare the measured data with the output of the real wind turbine.

The Wind Monitoring Specialist is able to deliver a better service to their customers through use of the mobile phone app which allows their installers to check that the system is fully operational whilst still on site while HQ can finalise the set-up and sensor calibration remotely from the office. The installers save time and consequently money by the easy fit solution that can be installed quickly on site. The live data reporting gives the company immediate reassurance post install that the equipment is operating correctly giving them peace of mind and enabling them to deliver a better service to their customers.

Community Energy Scotland

Community Energy Scotland is Scotland's only national charity dedicated to supporting communities to develop renewable energy projects,

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The data we will receive from the installed remote monitoring systems will not only allow us to monitor the 28 sites, but could also allow us to devise a predictive maintenance.
Community Energy Scotland
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