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Matthew Algie

Public Renewable Energy Display

The UK food and drink industry accounts for 11% of the food chain’s greenhouse gases and are committed to reducing carbon emissions further. A successful Food and Drinks company who supplies products to many of the high streets major retailers has a strong ethical and environmental approach with the company proactively developing partnerships with suppliers and clients to improve quality, drive environmental innovation and make their business more sustainable.

Matthew Algie PV display

After working on a research project with the Sustainable Food and Drink program at a Scottish University to find ways to cut its carbon emissions, the company took the decision to invest in a 10kW solar system. The company’s technical director commented “Although we had invested in sustainable technologies at our Glasgow site, the carbon footprint confirmed that electricity remained one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions in our operation. Finding an on-site sustainable generation solution was a simple way of reducing some of these emissions and fortunately the site was well suited to a solar installation.”

With electricity one of the largest contributors to CO2 emission in their operation, the company was keen to showcase the CO2 savings that were being made to meet their target to save 80tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 25 years.


The company is forward-thinking and environmentally conscious and the Logic Energy real-time energy monitoring system provides an effective tool for management as well as providing a show case for the company to display their CO2 savings to all stakeholders and endorse the company’s commitment to energy efficiencies to their customers and suppliers. A branded display was installed in reception to showcase their commitment to CRC and CO2 savings. A spokesperson for the company confirmed:

Reducing our carbon footprint is of great importance to us. This is just one of the many ways in which we are looking to become more sustainable.

Of equal importance is the benefit of providing an excellent data evidencing tool to show energy savings for the CRC league table. The company will be able to show its improved performance in cutting emissions and move up the annual performance league table.

Inverclyde Council

Inverclyde is one of 32 council areas used for local government in Scotland.

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We chose to use Logic Energy as it offered Inverclyde Schools a bespoke service that was tailored towards the individual schools needs. We now use the Logic Energy dashboards as part of the school curriculum and to help eco focus groups.”
Edward Montgomery
Property Services Manager - Inverclyde Council
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