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Effortless Technology that puts you in control

For any company with a fleet of installations (wind, solar, biomass, heat…) scattered on multiple locations, whether it is a few or hundreds, being in control off all of them can be time consuming.

Logic Energy Hardware
(LeNET data input)


Live data can be collected from multiple sensors connected to different energy sources or for manufacturers we can build bespoke protocols to interact and command any machine, wind turbine or controller in general.

  • LeNETmobile has 14 sensor inputs and a serial communication link to interface with any machine controller via Mod-Bus or any proprietary protocol
  • LeNETmobile is built-in GPRS connectivity so it is completely independent of any local network .
  • Every Watt of Energy counts so we have made sure LeNETmobile uses as little as possible: 0.05Watts

Logic Energy Software
(LeSENSE management platform)

Logic Energy only uses SAS 70 Type II worldwide data centers. The same trained and personal security as Banks use.

Having Live data in real time gives manufacturers, suppliers and installers the power to be ahead of any potential downtime and therefore maximising full Energy potential. 

  • Being able to access Live and historical status information from multiple locations across the world instantly enhances any product and service over the competition.
  • Managers, customer care, R&D… all of them can be aware of potential unwanted situation before even the end client knows. Such a fast response to customer care, product efficiency and reliability is priceless

Logic Energy Client
(mobile phone, PC access)

Demonstrate to end customers real life examples of good working systems, efficiently run and with the highest return of investment anywhere you go.

Even more, let your clients be proud of their systems and share it with friends and relatives bringing more leads and positive feedback to your company. 

  • No need for software to install or maintain, have always Live information with you, at a glance.
  • Manage all your sites and customers from a single point of access from anywhere via our powerful web platform LeSENSE
  • Long terms historical data for tracking triggered alert events anytime

With a Logic Energy system, not only you can be effortless in control of all your remote installations and systems but also use the data from all those hundreds or thousands of systems to improve product and customer care service.

Doing spot checks or looking at snapshots of information is good but being able to continuously compare multiple system, their performance and behaviour from a single point of access without leaving the office is the perfect way to increase product reliability, business margins and customer satisfaction.

Remote Management can only bring happier customers and more successful business for the company.

More technological features:
Is Fast,
really Fast!

Get access to every single installation worldwide is only within seconds of reach.

Truly Remote Live Monitoring
Worried about what’s happening now? Too windy? Just log-in on your mobile phone or PC and find out

Universal Management

Collect data from any sensor or working installation and start building your own energy maps

Fully Managed

We fully manage the system so you can concentrate on increasing your business

Inverclyde Council

Inverclyde is one of 32 council areas used for local government in Scotland.

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We chose to use Logic Energy as it offered Inverclyde Schools a bespoke service that was tailored towards the individual schools needs. We now use the Logic Energy dashboards as part of the school curriculum and to help eco focus groups.”
Edward Montgomery
Property Services Manager - Inverclyde Council
Logic Energy is a
Business Member of the:
Green Hosting
Logic Energy only uses Data Centers
member of the International Tree Foundation