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LeSENSE web platform examples

Device list and status
Device list management
Input Ports sensor and Energy list
Energy Live Remote Monitoring Logic Energy
List of alerts
Remote monitoring alert system Logic Energy
Multi-site management in real time
List device site location
User management
Remote monitoring user management Logic Energy
Example Grid Inverter fault
wind_inverter fault example
Date and Time selection
Calendar data selection Logic Energy
Multi-site input comparison
Power multi-site comparison
Logic Energy LeSENSE Mobile App allows you to quickly and easily supervise your assets remotely wherever your are. While it is not a full LeSENSE web portal replacement, it allows you to easily keep track of all your installations on the go.
• Access all your groups and sites under your domain
• See real time status from all your devices
• Chart historical data from last 7 days
• Check device status and location

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Custom multi-site display
Hybrid renewable energy monitoring Logic Energy
Custom Auto Display menu
Auto energy display menu Logic Energy
Standard Mobile Web access
OEM widget Logic Energy
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