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Logic Energy has been working with Gaia-Wind one of the world’s leading Small Wind turbine manufacturers for several years providing an integrated approach for Gaia-Wind’s customers. Gaia-Wind manufactures the Gaia-Wind wind 133-11kW small wind turbine which operates in moderate wind speed areas and is ideally suited to working farms, businesses, rural properties, and community projects. The turbines can be found in over 500 sites worldwide.

With a commitment to reliability and safety, Gaia-Wind approached Logic Energy to deliver a bespoke solution for their turbines that would ensure that their customers not only had complete knowledge of their wind turbine’s performance at any time but also maximised its up-time.

Logic Energy Solution

The Logic Energy solution was to provide an integrated Logic Energy Monitoring System to Gaia-Wind for their wind turbines providing a truly automated management system for their assets and delivering turbine owners a cost effective system with real time ability to access their wind turbine performance. The remote locations of many of these wind turbines required a very low power GPRS wireless solution which would connect to a remote fully managed web system in real time. The system delivers information direct to owners’ pcs or even to their mobile handsets allowing them to get on with their busy lives without having to physically check on their turbines performance.

The integrated system connects directly to a Gaia-Wind branded web portal interface where users can view easy to read displays with charts showing wind speed, power and energy over the last months.  Reports can be generated from this data and customised system alerts set up to notify Gaia-Wind HQ of any unplanned downtime.

The Logic Energy solution provided Gaia-Wind with a multiple level hierarchical system with data held securely over Logic Energy high security SAS 70 Type II data centre and providing Gaia-Wind comparative data across both individual and multiple sites with bespoke reporting facilities that can report the data in a format to suit their technical team needs and export into CSV and Excel format as required.


For Gaia-Wind customers, the live system reduces the risk of losing important data and maximises output through quick fault diagnosis if required.  The easy to read displays provide a user- friendly information tool and enables Gaia-Wind’s customers to demonstrate the energy they are producing to others as well as themselves.

The system delivers full data access without the need for an expensive software install and is managed remotely 365 days a year by Logic Energy providing a stress free and cost effective solution.

The Logic Energy system has also enabled Gaia-Wind to hold long term tracking information on all their wind turbines giving them valuable information to share with their customers, resellers and distributors showing the quality of their wind turbines and probable outputs resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

The storing of historical data has assisted turbine sales staff in showing potential customers real live data that validates the specifications of the wind turbines and is a more powerful sales tool.  By showing potential customers real machines which have been operating over months or years, the customer can see how effectively the wind turbines operate.

One of Gaia’s happy customers commented:

Production figures are consistent with predictions but far exceed the estimates of the local energy consultants who are amazed by its overall production.

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The data we will receive from the installed remote monitoring systems will not only allow us to monitor the 28 sites, but could also allow us to devise a predictive maintenance.
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