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Simple ongoing Live information

The power of Logic Energy’s monitoring systems lies in its simplicity – one versatile technological solution meets all needs, meaning we can concentrate in making the system work exactly the way you want it to.

Logic Energy Hardware
(LeNET data input)


Live data is collected from any type of sensor or meter via our versatile LeNETmobile GSM unit. As soon as it is captured, it is available to you remotely.

  • LeNETmobile is compatible with most off-the-shelf energy meters, climatic and environmental sensors
  • GPRS connection means that the system is fully wireless, completely independent of any local network.It can be install anywhere
  • If there’s no access to an electrical supply, no problem! LeNETmobile consumes so little that it can run on a small PV-battery pack.

Logic Energy Software
(LeSENSE management platform)

Logic Energy servers are hosted on dedicated managed servers – whereby data is securely stored over a network of data centres at remote locations with a daily remote backup.

Live data is immediately stored and available for viewing 24/ 7 via our powerful monitoring and universal web management portal – LeSENSE.

  • Logic Energy uses a global SAS70 Type II certified data centre, using the latest and securest form of data storage technology
  • Data storage on remote Servers means the storage potential is limitless, Logic Energy can get client’s systems up and running faster and enables Logic Energy to more rapidly adjust IT resources to meet our clients changing business demands.

Logic Energy Client
(mobile phone, PC access)

Accessing the data via LeSENSE or directly a Public Display is as easy as to type a web address on your computer.

By giving to your clients remote access to your systems, energy performance or CO2 credentials, you stregth your business relation with your clients.

  • Automatic and Custom Displays with just the summary information you need at glance.
  • Clients can customise their web portal, including the potential to set up hierarchical levels of access and control, visual reports and automatic alerts sent to your inbox or mobile.
  • Historical data can for long term tracking, reports generated or data downloaded for easy analysis.


Many systems start with a simple display and later more and more sensor sources are added to get a fuller picture of not just how a site may perform but also how multiple sites perform. Having a web managed portal, allows the client to get systems up and running faster without having to worry about resources or maintenance of the system.

Our web management portal LeSENSE powers all the displays, what this means that with an user account you can access all the historical data you need, setup alerts, grant access to users and limit their actions. It is much more than just a Public Display

More technological features:
Is Fast,
really Fast!

Live information is always available on-line via web access or mobile phone App.

Truly Remote Live Monitoring

Displays are very informative and useful tools but with remote information they are even more powerful.

Universal Management

No matter what your monitoring needs are, we can monitor it whether is energy, temperature, wind, production and manufacturing scales.

Fully Managed

We fully manage the system so you can concentrate on increasing your business

Community Energy Scotland

Community Energy Scotland is Scotland's only national charity dedicated to supporting communities to develop renewable energy projects,

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The data we will receive from the installed remote monitoring systems will not only allow us to monitor the 28 sites, but could also allow us to devise a predictive maintenance.
Community Energy Scotland
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