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Educate with Live Technology

Being able to educate with real life scenarios and examples makes it easier for the student to engage with the subject. Adding a bit of technology to it, just makes it more fun to learn!

Logic Energy Hardware
(LeNET data input)


All data is collected automatically by LeNETmobile, our GPRS enabled data logger. As soon as data is captured, it is available Live on the Internet via web portal or Public Displays.

  • LeNETmobile is compatible with most of the energy sources, weather and ambient sensors without the need of any add-ons
  • GSM/GPRS communications make the installation and setup very fast and simple, avoiding any possible IT conflicts on public buildings
  • LeNETmobile is so energy efficient that can run on a few cents for a full year

Logic Energy Software
(LeSENSE management platform)

Having Public Displays hosted on the Internet is the perfect way of making them widely available to any visitors, class or client. There’s no need for specific hardware to display it and it can be reproduced on as many displays at a time as required.

To make sure your data is safe, we use the latest technology on data centers with SAS 70 Type II certification.

  • All the information collected from remote sensors and meters is instantly available on-line and archived so users can access it anytime, anywhere.

Logic Energy Client
(mobile phone, PC access)

The visitor or end user just needs a web browser to access all the Live data and displays. No matter what time or where, everything is widely available over the Internet

  • Automatic custom displays can be built-in within seconds inside LeSENSE web portal
  • Organise data sets and how much historical data to appear on the displays with just a few clicks. Convert directly onto money or CO2 equivalents.
  • Advanced animated custom displays can be also built to match your needs
Public buildings can monitor and share Live information from different installations at the same time, whether it is Energy efficiency or generation. By being able to bring together any monitoring need under one portal, be it energy use or ambient conditions, the results provide a much fuller and wider picture.

Live information updates data every 10 minutes in real time so all the displays can become Live Information displays

More technological features:
Is Fast,
really Fast!

No software installation needed, just Live data wherever you want it

Truly Remote Live Monitoring

Educate and share at the same time than monitoring your system.

Universal Management

Whatever it is we can monitor it all under the same web portal. 

Fully Managed

Logic Energy system is fully managed, we maintain it for you.

Derwent Hydroelectric Power Ltd.

Derwent Hydro began in 1988 with a passion for water power. We run our own hydropower schemes and have been involved in around 30 more as installers and/or consultants.

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Our company provides 24/7 service to our customers, and it is vital for us to know that our systems are running properly at all times. The live information from Logic Energy’s solution ensures peace of mind and allows us to deliver a proactive approach, keeping our customers satisfied round the clock.
Derwent Hydroelectric
Logic Energy is a
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