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Truly unique & Educative Live Public Displays

Logic Energy’s creates unique and fully customised public displays to inform and educate in an attractive and easy to understand way.

Fully Managed Live Monitoring System

Logic Energy public displays are a self-maintaining and always ‘Live’

  • Automatic or Custom displays
  • Interactive Web-page style ‘Dashboards’
  • Local and Remote access to all your displays
  • Unlimited number of displays via the Internet
  • Live information of what’s happening right now
  • Fully independent Wireless GPRS system
  • Installation at any stage / Retro-fit
  • Multi-site comparison and management with as many display viewers at once.
What is so great about Logic Energy displays?

Logic Energy’s highly interactive, web-page style ‘dashboard’ displays are uniquely designed to be attractive and easy to understand. Each display is customised to speak directly to your target audience, giving the type of information (and as much or as little) as you require, and using a wide variety of graphical and illustrative tools.

The innovative energy consumption and production displays from Logic Energy really add a fresh perspective on climate change and their role to play. Teachers find these tools invaluable.

Connected to accurate data logging equipment and remotely accessed data storage, Live information on energy usage, production (renewable energy), environmental or meteorological data is uploaded and constantly refreshed. Logic Energy public displays are a self-maintaining and are an effective way to present ‘Real time’ information 24/ 7.

Customisable Displays and Widgets

With a potential to fully integrate with your organisation’s web-page using customisable widgets or links to your main display, you can educate and inform the wider public, promoting your organisation to a world-wide audience.

Fully independent Wireless GPRS system

Our Wireless (GPRS) solution gives you independence from proprietary firewalls (a common obstacle when connecting to existing Internet provision)   together with reliability and efficiency. – Fast becoming the preferred means of data transfer for remote monitoring, GPRS network coverage is often stronger than Internet coverage in rural areas.

No Public Display limits

There is no limit to the number of displays you can have – The system has the potential for every student or employee to access it directly from their PC. No need to install any specialist software – All you need is a web-browser get Live access to your data: It’s as easy as having an email account.

Custom Alerts, Visual Reports, Export data and more…

 Customised to track and archive performance and environmental data, our system can help you to compare energy output to expected return. It´s simple to produce high quality visual reports and charts online, or export data in CVS or Excel format.

 Using our accurate data logging equipment you will be able to access detailed information via remotely accessed data storage, significantly reducing the risk of losing important data and improving responsiveness.

Logic  Energy’s displays can be installed at any stage – whether your project be a part of  new build or retrofit work, or a stand-alone project.

 Technology interactive gets students attention

[I+D]Research & Development ready, all the remote data is always available at your fingertips for lab research and technical background investigation

Public displays provide ideal opportunities for schools to link with the energy industry, science and technology sectors through sponsorship, project work and increasing student’s general understanding of the technologies involved.

Only the best Data Centres

With Logic Energy you can be sure that your data is safe with us, thanks to a continuous 365 days live data backup. Our system is hosted on a global SAS70 Type II certified data centre and uses the latest in data centre technology making it one of the most secure and reliable in the world.

Your data is safe

Your data is safer with us than any other field data logger, thanks to a continuous 365 days live data backup

The Hydrogen Office

The Hydrogen Office project demonstrates the role that energy efficiency, renewables and hydrogen can play in reducing the future impact of climate change and energy security of supply concerns securing our energy supply.

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Logic Energy Ltd. is delighted to provide the displays providing live information to the visitors on site and external visitors accessing the information via website
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