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With the support of the Scottish Government, Inverclyde Council has made a huge commitment over the last couple of years towards investment in new energy efficient schools across the region and installing micro-renewables to existing schools.  The Council has worked over a number of years with Logic Energy using the Logic Energy Live Monitoring system to monitor their schools for their green energy potential and also to measure their energy consumption. With a number of renewable devices now installed and connecting to individual school dash boards for live public displays around the school and within the classrooms, the Council required a system that could show all of these individual schools under one portal.  The Council wanted a digital monitoring display that would encourage pupil interest in their school energy savings and enable them to compare this information to other schools information.  They also wanted a system that would help the students to understand where energy comes from, and the costs both environmentally and financially, associated with wasting energy.

The Logic Energy Solution

The monitoring system is connected to the Inverclyde Energy display Logic Energy web server through GPRS networks. The GPRS system provides a problem free solution for the school saving them any potential security issues that might occur if they were to connect through their internal IT networks The system stays completely independent of all their existing networks and does not need managed by existing IT support. The Logic Energy system in each school stores and logs all meteorological and renewable data. Each school could easily and seamlessly be connected to one web portal to show energy generated, energy consumed and energy savings across all of the council’s schools in real time.

The graphs and displays show live energy summaries showing information from a weather station including wind speed, wind direction, temperature and solar radiation. The graphs also display power and energy generation as well as C02 offset information from the schools’ renewable energy systems

Logic Energy made the information more interesting for students by providing educational animation for them so that they could understand how each renewable technology works.


The solution provided easy to read charts and graphs that help promote renewable energy to children, their teachers, visitors to the school, and the Council and other stakeholders.
By storing data on one platform, the Council and other stakeholders can compare data from each school and identify best practise.

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Green charters for schools have been developed across the Inverclyde region in Scotland with nine schools now claiming the Green Flag for making environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of the school for pupils, staff and wider community.

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There are so many different systems on the market that connect to a particular renewable energy installation and no other and the benefit of the Logic Energy system is that it can connect to them all and we can then view all our information in one place. The system has had a positive impact on the school, it’s brilliant!
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