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Performance & Efficiency at glance

Having all your most critical information always at glance is a great simple way of being always on control. It is even better when this information is easy to understand and fully mobile.

Logic Energy Hardware
(LeNET data input)


Our hardware data loggers can interface with pretty much any sensor for monitoring energy usage, temperatures, currents, cycles counts and status, anything really.

  • Our LeNETmobile data logger is fully wireless, it can be installed pretty much anywhere
  • Built-in GPRS communications simplifies the installation, increases reliability and reduces costs
  • LeNETmobile can be mains powered or battery powered (<5mAh)

Logic Energy Software
(LeSENSE management platform)

We understand some of your production or manufacturing data may be sensitive, this is why we use the securest data centers with SAS 70 Type II certification.

All your data is continuously being encrypted and backed up every day over a network of data centers worldwide.

  • Having a management system on the web means you don’t have to worry about maintaining hardware or update software, we do all that for you
  • Data storage on remote Servers means the storage potential is limitless, Logic Energy can get client’s systems up and running faster and enables Logic Energy to more rapidly adjust IT resources to meet our clients changing business demands.

Logic Energy Client
(mobile phone, PC access)

Data, Displays and Live status information can be accessed anywhere, anytime, even from your own mobile phone. If you have a smartphone, there’s an App for them too.

For more detailed information just log-in onto LeSENSE web management portal to see all systems up and running, any possible alerts and historic data for trending analysis.

  • The Public Display can be as custom as your organisation needs them to be. From very simple live feeds to very complex automated algorithms to provide real time results and analysis
  • Fully automatic displays that let you select just the information you need
  • Embed Live information on your own systems via XML or integrate widgets within your own website


Doing spot checks or looking at snapshots of information is good but being able to continuoulsy compare multiple system, their performance and behaviour from a single point of access without leaving the office is the perfect way to increase product reliability, business margins and customer satisfaction.

All this is possible at any time of the day or night from the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you may be – via mobile phone, PC or hand held web enabled device.

More technological features:
Is Fast,
really Fast!

Get access to every single aspect of your manufacturing plant

Truly Remote Live Monitoring

See what’s happening right now from anywhere in the world

Universal Management

Monitor production efficiency at the same time than controlling waste

Fully Managed

Logic Energy system is fully managed, that meands you do not have to worry to maintain anything, we make sure things keep ticking for you.

Community Energy Scotland

Community Energy Scotland is Scotland's only national charity dedicated to supporting communities to develop renewable energy projects,

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The data we will receive from the installed remote monitoring systems will not only allow us to monitor the 28 sites, but could also allow us to devise a predictive maintenance.
Community Energy Scotland
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