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Logic Energy recently assisted a Global FMCG company who wanted to assess wasted energy across one of their production lines.  The company which operates in more than 40 countries worldwide and distributes world famous brands to over 180 countries across the globe takes sustainability seriously and take great care to plan for the future through reducing energy, greenhouse gases and water and minimising  their waste.
The company was concerned that they didn’t know where their energy was being wasted and so wanted to assess where they could make energy savings which would also make substantial financial savings too.

Logic Energy Solution

The Logic Energy live monitoring system was installed across every single major production line concentrating on specific areas that they felt were wasting the most energy including their compressors, wrapping machinery and air conditioning units.  This enabled the company to find out which machinery was left on when it shouldn’t be and take action to ensure against this.

Information was fed direct to the Logic Energy automated management system which Logic Energy integrated with a customised dashboard for the company and was installed on the production floor so that managers and directors could review it constantly.

The system also connects straight to Directors and managers mobile handsets so that they can track data easily at all times and take action promptly.  Information was also displayed for staff through easy to read graphs and charts which showed each area being monitored and converting the information into pounds and pence which gave them a real impetus to switch things off.


The Logic Energy wireless solution provided an effective monitoring tool for raising awareness with the biggest impact being made on staff who were able to see how and where energy was being wasted and act upon this information. Through monitoring of all major production lines in real time, the company was able to apply a proper “weekend shutdown” approach saving them approximately £120,000 per year and helping them to maintain their environmental policy and goals.  The system in fact paid for itself in just the first few weeks of use.

The company commented:

We are truly delighted with the results which were effective on a multiple of levels including real financial savings; better staff awareness and validation of the company’s commitment to global sustainability.

The Hydrogen Office

The Hydrogen Office project demonstrates the role that energy efficiency, renewables and hydrogen can play in reducing the future impact of climate change and energy security of supply concerns securing our energy supply.

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