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What is LeSENSE web management portal?

Every single Internet connected device we offer uses LeSENSE web management portal.

You may wonder why would you need a web management portal for your remote data loggers? Easy, it makes your life a lot easier when it comes:

  • Manage data remotely

  • See if your fleet of data loggers and RTU are working

  • Continuous 10 minutes online backup (if someone decides to take your logger away, the data stays with you)

  • Have results of your field trials from day one with you, no need to wait for anyone to analyse or give you the data.

  • Produce online reports with just a few “clicks”

  • … and most important, if you need some amazing Dashboards and Displays to make real sense of your data (KPI & BI), let us do it for you

LeSENSE is always ON with you, always at glance.

Your fleet data information always up to the minute with you.

With Logic Energy automated web portal you can rest reassured that your fleet of devices is always with you, whether they are remote terminal units [RTU], data loggers or just statistics. Logic Energy’s web portal LeSENSE continuously is updating and backup up data pretty much in real time.


Full remote Live data logging and supervision from anywhere

Cloud computer to give you full remote access to your fleet of devices

Logic Energy’s system is fully automated, all your Logic Energy devices are programmed to automatically report to our web portal so you don’t have to do anything. Just log in at any point and have the most up to date information in front of you at any time from any Internet connected device.


Built-in online reports, site comparison and Live dashboards

No need for any special software to access your data

The best thing about having information with you is the speed at what it can be processed. LeSENSE web portal comes with the right tools to quickly analyse, export, compare and run custom reports anytime

We believe technique should be always at the finger tips so expertise and innovation are push to the maximum. We deliver fast, really fast results so you can concentrate on your business.


Fully control and supervise your own fleet of Logic Energy devices

Logic Energy remote hardware has been specifically designed to work with our cloud software on the web, this makes it very streamline, efficiently and most important, useful.

Via the LeSENSE web portal you can access Live status of the devices connectivity, where they are, how strong is the signal they are working with.


Sophisticated and elegant user interface

Share data, share information, maximise productivity

At Logic Energy we design every single bit of technology with usability and efficiency in mind. For us user experience is a top priority. We believe technology should be transparent and easy to use.

Our RTU and data logger units are always Internet connected to give you full flexibility. You can share information with colleagues or even customise your own Live dashboards and display so peers can see them without the need to interact with the system.


Flexible data access anywhere

Full 360° Technology solutions

Data can be easily accessed via mobile devices or even other software packages via Internet web services like XML

All the information collected by Logic Energy servers is updated every 10 minutes and made available to the client or any other software package instantly.

Here at Logic Energy we design and manufacture our own hardware, program our own software on them and developed our own Linux based web server application. This is what it gives us a full out of the box automated solution making it work beautifully the moment any of our devices is activated.


OEM Technology Integration

Logic Energy

Easily Integrated and merged within your business needs. Do you need our system to be integrated within your business, with your own need, brand and with the peace of mind that you get a finished and mature product from the beginning? Talk to us about Technology Integration, we are always keen to strengthen our B2B relationships.

Barnsley Council

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

View more

There are so many different systems on the market that connect to a particular renewable energy installation and no other and the benefit of the Logic Energy system is that it can connect to them all and we can then view all our information in one place. The system has had a positive impact on the school, it’s brilliant!

Richard Waterhouse Principal Officer AMP/Capital Programme

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