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What is LeNETmobile GSM data logger?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Remote Monitoring via GSM / GPRS

2 to 14 channels remote monitoring via GPRS with built in cloud computing technology via the Internet

Ideal for remote monitoring applications, these include: wind site assessment, wind noise monitoring, energy data logging, machine sensor interface, field trials… Anything really, have a need? Just let us help.

The brilliant thing about the LeNETmobile data logger is that is 95% automatic, that is no need for complex setups on site, just wire in sensors, meters and power up. That is it, it just works! All the hard bits have been removed, automated and put in an easy web user interface to be done at anytime remotely from the comfort of your office.

A little bit more about the LeNETmobile

LeNETmobile, our GPRS remote monitoring unit is a combined hardware data logger with built-in central web server portal to access all your data pretty much in real time. Because this hybrid of Hardware and remote server Software, it allows us to simplify the installation of any device. They key things you will be able to do very quickly are:

  • Connect sensors to data logger without the need of any setup or calibration needed on site.

  • The LeNETmobile GSM remote data logger is already programmed to do most of your data logging needs, so no need to program it

  • Access and setup calibrations to your sensors all remotely via the Logic Energy web portal instantly (updates every 10 minutes)

  • See and download your data from the web anywhere, all the data logger data is backed up automatically on the web every 10 minutes.

The options for LeNETmobile are very wide, you can have a kit with just a three digit budget or you can have a much more extensive kit that goes onto the thousands.

Live remote data with you 24/7

A remote Data Logger in its most advance technology

Information is very important but only Live up to the minute information can give you the edge when monitoring remote conditions and devices. There’s no worse feeling after leaving a newly installation to wonder if all the sensors were connected properly or forgot something.

With LeNETmobile that is not a problem anymore, log in on your mobile phone and access Live information from your fleet of site and see what its happening right now.

Best of all, your data is back-up every 10 minutes online 24/7 automatically, no need to dial-up, setup ftp servers or anything like that. It just works.


Make simple, complex setups

With a fully remote enabled setup, installation is a breeze

Logic Energy live remote monitoring data loggers are so automated that even the configuration of the logger is done remotely via its provided web portal LeSENSE; a fully automated and managed remote cloud application.

Connect your sensors to LeNETmobile, power up the system and that is all you need to start getting data. You can finish the configuration from the comfort of your desk as all your data is archived in its purest format so you can edit it over and over again as many times as you want.

Best of all, you don’t need any software on your computer to setup LeNETmobile, just a web browser.


Worldwide Quad-band GSM technology

M2M datalogger with built-in GPRS technology for worldwide roaming

Our remote data loggers are built to be fully automated, from the sensor setup to the communications. For this we use the best GPRS technology available and build it right inside our loggers so you don’t have to add any accessories or worry about power management for an external modem.

If that is not enough, we can even supply you with a fully European roaming SIM at local rates.

Have you got multiple sites to compare data?


No problem, LeNETmobile allows you to analyse, probe and compare any site, sensors and meters available within your domain. In less than 20 seconds you can compare wind speed or any other sensor from two different sites and do routine checks for the systems, all online with a beautiful web Logic Energy portal.


Built-in Cloud computing technology

Your data, your fleet, your backups always with you 24/7

Our hardware is designed to work flawlessly with our remote web portal so everything is transparent and easy for you.  Log in onto our web portal LeSENSE and automatically be where your data logger is, check for live status, GSM signal strength, location and even download any information in plain easy spreadsheet format.

Combining LeNETmobile efficiency and the automation of LeSENSE web portal makes the system a extremely powerful and easy full 360° solution.


Plenty of Sensors with 14 flexible remote input channels

Combined 8 digital inputs and 6 analogue inputs

LeNETmobile is about simplicity and flexibility. Our cloud data logger comes with 8 digital input counters for dry contacts, TTL, 24Vdc or sine wave for frequency. Another 6 analogue channels are available to read Volts or mA signals.


Optional Industrial grade design with our IP67 package

Wide temperature ranges and outdoor operation are our main feature.

All our data loggers components are designed with industrial grade components to tolerate extreme ambient temperatures, manufactured under ISO 9001 and spot tested under freezing conditions for guaranteed operation and your peace of mind.


Your data is secured

Built-in Live cloud technology and SD memory card backup

LeNETmobile makes a connection every 10 minutes to our web portal to upload its status and data. This makes your data SAFE as even if your hardware was removed from site, your data still on our data centres encoded and backed up daily.We add a Industrial grade microSD card that keeps a log of everything that happens with the datalogger and also a backup of all the data recorded for greater peace of mind on CSV ASCII monthly text files.How much data can we store locally and remotely for you? In excess of 10 years!


Extremely Energy efficient.

Probably most energy efficient Live GSM data loggers in the market

Our first ever LeNETmobile GSM data logger was designed to run on Alkaline batteries for months. Since then we have kept the same high specifications to run our system as efficient as possible, making it one of the lowest power consumption GPRS data loggers in the market.


by Logic Energy

All  our products are designed to endure use remotely, our biggest market is the provision of Live remote monitoring systems for Field Trials, Technology integration and Renewable Energy in general. All our expertise and engineering design skills go to every single product we make. You can be assure that all of them share the same design and built quality

Specifications LeNETmobile GSM data logger

Input channels port specifications

Typical Power supply 

– Power Supply: 6-12Vdc max 2A (during GPRS transmission only), average consumption typically 4-5mA – Sensor Power: Pulsed 3.3Vdc, max 20mA total, 10 millisecond excitation pulse each sample period

Examples of sensors being used with LeNETmobile

– Low AC signal sensor like NRG #40C and Second Wind C3 – Opto-isolated pulse and dry contact pulses from: electricity kWh meters, gas meters, water meters, heat meters, flow meters, reed-switch sensor, rain collectors, etc – 24Vdc signals for industrial and automation applications – Analogue sensors like temperature, humidity, solar radiation, current, pressure, etc.

Operating bands for GSM LeNETmobile

– GSM800, DSC1800, GSM850 and DSC1900 – For country bands and configuration please refer to installation manual

Miscellaneous information

– SMA connector for the antenna – Use only M2M SIM data cards for its operation with a data bundle of 10MB per month at 10 minutes interval updates. If the site installation has poor signal you may require a higher bundle. – Dimensions: 160x125x13mm – – Weight: 303gm

– Designed in Scotland – Made in UK –

Every LeNETmobile comes with access to LeSENSE web management portal.

If you have a remote monitoring and data collection need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Community Energy Scotland

Community Energy Scotland is Scotland's only national charity dedicated to supporting communities to develop renewable energy projects,

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The data we will receive from the installed remote monitoring systems will not only allow us to monitor the 28 sites, but could also allow us to devise a predictive maintenance.

Community Energy Scotland

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