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Waste management Dashboards

How Live Energy data can educate staff, identify inefficiencies and save your organisation money

One of the world’s most famous brands selling products in more than 180 countries with 14 factories across Europe and around the world including the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, Kenya, Taiwan, China, India and Russia…

Wrigley’s main UK factory is based in Plymouth where it manufacturers everyday favourites such as Extra, Airwaves, Spearmint, Juicy Fruit and Orbit.

Project Overview

The original Wrigley’s AMR system provided energy consumption of the factory, however data had to be analysed and put onto reports for further understanding. Not only this but reports often ended up under a pile of paperwork, so Wrigley wanted to be a bit more pro-active and make staff aware of the energy challenges they had.

A study identified where energy saving could be made by putting in place a “weekend shutdown”, and to do this Live data was necessary so company members could see if the different areas of the factory were being properly shut down before the weekend. It also made it easy for everyone to understand without having to depend on report and analysis to be done at a later stage.


The Logic Energy monitoring system was connected to various meters and sensors across three areas of the factory. These allowed staffs to see how much energy and money was wasted in:

Main site energy consumptionCompressor WrappingAir conditioning

All this data was concentrated on a single Logic Energy unit and automatically analysed and displayed on a Logic Energy custom dashboard. The target of the Energy Dashboard and Display was easy:

Simple & Quick to understand, you should know where you are in less than 5 secondsStaff should be able to make sense of it so they could also be responsible for driving down the potential wasted energy onsite.An economic value of the weekend energy waste should be always up to date, in kWh and most importantly in £.

A large display screen is in a prominent position now that provides staff with a continual display of the weekly cost of excess consumption along with a cumulative total, giving everyone the information they need and a real drive to shutdown the plant correctly before the weekend. The display system is also accessible directly to the senior management team via mobile devices and smartphones and tablets, onsite and remotely. 


Logic Energy customised dashboards have proved popular at all levels within the company with annual savings are in excess of £100,000 per year. The project paid for itself in less than 1 month due to the system being able to identify a broken compressor.

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