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microEnergy Managers – Cranfield Academy

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Cranfield Church of England Academy wanted their students to understand the school’s energy usage and what measures could be applied to improve and drive down energy costs.

Cranfield Academy wanted an easy-to-read online system students could use to monitor the energy usage in different areas of their building. Working in conjunction with CURA Energy Services, Logic Energy tailored an energy monitoring system that would help the academy reduce their energy usage and thereby minimize their energy costs.

With Logic Energy’s simple and quick installation, their monitors were up and running without any specialized software. The Logic Energy system connects multiple sensors throughout the academy, allowing students in different classrooms to access the same information via the secure online web-portal and displayed in easy-to-read graphs. With monitors tracking energy usage in different areas of the school including classrooms, hallways, the kitchen, the library and the computer rooms, students were able to witness the immediate impact of turning off computer monitors or hallway lights when not in use.

In conjunction with Cranfield Academy, who gave team names to each monitored area, Logic Energy designed a student-friendly graphic that can be accessed in multiple locations via classroom PCs and on Cranfield’s public website. With thermometer-type graphics displaying energy usage in real time and available online 24/7, students, parents, and staff can see how student activity changes the amount of energy in use throughout the day.

Cranfield has taken this opportunity to make their students responsible for energy usage and conservation. Appointing a team of Eco-Warriors, these young people are responsible during recess and lunchtime to ensure that all classrooms are taking advantage of the down time by ensuring as many electrical items as possible are turned off. The Warriors track energy usage throughout each day, rewarding the most eco-friendly classrooms at the end of the week. Collecting the coveted Eco-Warrior weekly certificate has become a source of pride for the most energy-efficient classrooms.

Logic Energy is pleased to be such an integral part of teaching the young students of Cranfield Academy how to read displays, charts and graphs and in turn, analyze energy data in order to make good decisions about energy conservation. The ability to become stewards of their environmental impact through energy conservation is a life-long skill students will carry into the future.

Why Choose Logic Energy?

Web managed portal – gets up and running faster without worrying about resources or maintenance of the systemData is collected and accessed across multiple sites under a single online portalEasy to create online reports or download data for further analysisStoring data on one platform means it is easy to compare data and identify best practice.Wireless GPRS networks connect to our secure web server – problem free solution, independent of internal IT networks

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