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History of the Anemometer

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

It should come as no surprise that the modern day anemometer is in fact an ancient invention. 

Originally deriving from the Greek word for wind – anemos – an anemometer is used for measuring wind speed. Surprisingly, it’s changed very little from its designs in the 15th century! Yes, it still uses the mechanical movement of something, measures the rate of movement and then presents that information to those interested. Credit should be given to Leon Alberti who is said to have invented the original mechanical anemometer in 1450.

Following on the footsteps of that original invention, numerous others developed their own versions of the anemometer, with some of them mistakenly being credited with its invention. These include Robert Hooke or the Mayans. Yet others gave credit to Wolfius in 1709.

In 1846, John Robinson improved .... This article has been moved to one of Logic Energy's products web page, the new link can be found here:

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