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British Gas’ Generation Green Initiative

Educational Live Displays for British Gas’ Generation Green Initiative

Client Profile

British Gas is the United Kingdom’s largest energy provider, serving both commercial and residential needs. By using innovative energy solutions and providing smarter living solutions to maintain continuous improvement for their customers, British Gas is committed to “help people today and secure energy for tomorrow.”

Project Overview Generation Green is an education program run by BMSI a British Gas company. It is for Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 pupils and teachers, providing free-of-charge classroom resources, educational experiences and sustainable energy technologies to more than 13,000 schools across the UK.

With a need for a set of always live, low maintenance displays as part of their Generation Green Initiative, British Gas turned to the team at Logic Energy due to their reputation of being a reliable and trusted platform.

Taking full advantage of Logic Energy’s customization capabilities, the platform was a success, providing reliable displays and monitoring with no downtime.

Project Goal

The purpose behind the Generation Green initiative is to educate the next generation of energy users on innovative ways to monitor their use and other variables in real time. With technology oriented target audience consisting of students and teachers, the system and displays needed to be highly interactive, easy to use and engaging to keep the young users at rapt attention. The hope is that by teaching children about sustainability and inspiring them to be curious about future energy challenges, this initiative can help to create a generation of energy innovators.

Solution Based on BMSI’ specific requirements for its Generation Green initiative, Logic Energy created Logic Energy for Schools. Using its own proprietary web-based program and interactive display monitors, Logic Energy developed a way for users in local schools to check and track energy information in real time from multiple displays on both classroom computers and monitors strategically placed in accessible locations.

This is a unique, web-based system designed specifically for schools and local authorities to discover their energy-producing potential and monitor their actual energy use and renewable energy production. Some of the variables students, teachers and administrators can check regularly via the Logic Energy for Schools system include:

  • An individual school’s energy usage

  • Local weather conditions

  • A variety of sources for renewable energy


The displays created for the Logic Energy for Schools are self-maintaining and always “live,” meaning all information is updated in real time while also being engaging and simple to use.

From weather stations and online live energy monitoring to fully customizable interactive displays, these systems can also be expanded and upgraded as the project progresses.

These innovative energy displays are easy to use and are extremely low maintenance for administrators. Other specific benefits for the Logic Energy for Schools system included:

  • Easy accessibility via multiple displays installed in classrooms on individual PCs or on public displays

  • A web-managed portal that doesn’t put a strain on existing systems and is accessible with an email account

  • Fully customisable dashboard displays make real-time information attractive and easy to understand

  • System can be added to at any stage — meaning the same equipment can be used for site assessment and for monitoring new installations

  • Wireless GPRS networks connect to Logic Energy’s secure web server – problem free solution, independent of internal IT networks

  • Multiple systems can be linked and are viewable via a single web portal

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