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British Gas ECOview monitoring system by Logic Energy

In this new era of energy conservation, perhaps the most valuable question of all is how do we generate energy more efficiently? More importantly, how do we monitor our energy intake to greater enhance our customer’s needs?

ECOview is a GPRS/GSM enabled live monitoring solution for your renewable heating system. Via our live monitoring unit, information is logged daily and then stored on our secure Logic Energy servers, allowing you instant access to data 365 days a year from virtually any internet accessible location worldwide. With this exciting and highly innovative system, data can be transferred from our web portal to build comprehensive charts and overviews designed to illuminate usage data over a variety of timescales. For this very reason, British Gas has chosen Logic Energy for their ECOview monitoring system. British gas has now made our system available to customers all over the UK under their own brand.

Collaboration with British Gas means higher KPI for potential ECOview customers

In light of our most recent collaboration with British Gas, there are several notable features about Econergy technology to point out. As a highly customizable system, ECOview is also compatible across virtually all mobile networks. For a typical renewable heating installation, Econergy (a British Gas company) would recommend your monitoring to consist of:

  • Heat meter transcripts recording kWh of renewable heat generated.

  • Renewable Heat Incentive payments and billing options.

  • Fuel store level, to help fuel ordering and delivery scheduling.

  • Boiler room export temperature, to monitor the supply of hot water to the distribution system.

  • Boiler system fault output, to send automatic notification email(s) to ensure a swift resolution of any operational issues.

Benefits of ECOview

From the latest energy-related solutions and technology designs for both business and residential, British Gas is the largest UK energy and home services company. Supplying gas and electricity to nearly 12 million residents, British Gas is the most reputable provider of energy and home services in the UK. As a leading energy supplier, British Gas provides only the most exceptional quality of services and professional support to help ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

Thanks to our new, specially designed mobile phone access that allows you to readily see your heating system with live information, renewable heating installation has now been made virtually hassle free.

Other features and benefits of British Gas ECOview monitoring system

  • Monitor your renewable heat installation performance from wherever you have internet access – no need to visit every plant room / building on site.

  • Monitor multiple plant rooms on one site and view on a single web page dashboard – easy to manage and total visibility of your system.

  • Monitor system. Understand what is happening instantly.

  • Multiple input options to take a variety of meters, sensors and boilers. Including heat meters, water meters, electricity meter, fuel store sensor, temperature sensors and external weather conditions.

  • Set alarm conditions for peace of mind operation.

  • Can be used in built up or remote areas with no landline required – GPRS/GSM solution, compatible across all mobile networks.

  • Use digital dashboards to provide a clear overview for online and public displays – ideal to show green credentials and for educational benefits.Installation at any stage / Retro-fit existing sites possible

  • Unlimited data can be exported to spreadsheets or other software packages for evaluation.

  • Peace of mind and security.

  • Live data is backed up for simple retrieval 365 days a year.

Logic Energy behind ECOview Technology

Through the Logic Energy’s revolutionary technology, customers are enabled with full security when it comes to your data. Our system is hosted on a global SAS70 Type II certified data center making use of the most innovative in data center technology, guarantying your data every day. As a result of our collaboration with British Gas, customers can now feel secure in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest standard of service as their intake is effectively monitored.

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