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Telecoms in Latin America & New Zealand

The telecommunication sector has seen a remarkable increase in the number of installations worldwide in the last five years, often in extremely remote areas resulting in difficult and costly maintenance and servicing contracts to power them.  More and more telecoms companies are looking to use hybrid renewable systems to power their systems; with diesel theft becoming an increasing problem and fluctuating oil prices. The industry serves over four billion customers with an average of 1.5 lines each and generates 183million tons of CO2 emissions annually. This amounts to 0.7% of global emissions.

WEC has installed in Latin America over 2000 renewable energy projects in extreme environments and climates and contacted Logic Energy to specify a full hybrid monitoring system for renewable power sources for one of their telecoms clients who wanted to cut generator costs and give them access to detailed real time reports for their Directors and Investors.

The telecoms company had already installed small wind turbines, photovoltaic panels and a diesel generator to their remote cell towers but there was no monitor to show how much energy each system was generating and subsequently to show how much diesel energy was required to top up the renewable “free” power.  This resulted in higher servicing costs for the diesel top ups with no consumption tracking in place.

On the opposite side of the globe Renewables installer Tecnico, design and install and maintain wind, solar and hydro power stations throughout New Zealand running a 24hour, 7 days a week call out system undertaking maintenance in some very remote areas. They too approached Logic Energy looking for simple to use and easy set up remote monitoring systems that would operate over multiple sites and provide customised automatic alerts to the telecoms companies as well as the maintenance company.

Logic Energy Solution

Logic Energy provided a bespoke monitoring system with technical support for both clients which would work over multi-sites to provide tracking and comparison data to them.  Multiple environmental sensors were used on each mast to connect to existing power inputs and then programmed to talk to each device which was then linked to the online web portal using GPRS networks.

The information was fed remotely in real-time to Logic Energy management portal, where a high volume of information could be stored using the latest in data centre security technology.  Online charts and reports were set up to allow for easy to use and easily exportable files and live displays transferred data directly to users mobile devices which was of particular benefit to the maintenance companies who were not only alerted quickly to faults but were also able to see that these faults had been properly fixed whilst they were still in the area.


Logic Energy have seen a global cost driven focus on reducing direct and indirect CO2 emissions through improving efficiencies and reducing indirect energy consumption. Logic Energy live monitoring devices are being used all over the world to assist installers and maintenance companies with managing remote areas more efficiently.  The live data information Logic Energy systems deliver gives customers security and peace of mind that their installations are delivering maximum outputs all of the time.  The system alerts have led to an increase in up-time renewable energy as breakdowns are reported live direct to maintenance companies.  Previously they had gone untraced until on site inspections.

Logic Energy affirmed:

Our experience in Latin America has shown that monitoring of telecoms systems provides an effective solution to stakeholders who need to know potential wind and solar generation throughout the year in order to make significant maintenance cost savings. Our colleagues in New Zealand have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of power and energy and inputs into grid systems and it is a pleasure to supply our systems to them.

Derwent Hydroelectric Power Ltd.

Derwent Hydro began in 1988 with a passion for water power. We run our own hydropower schemes and have been involved in around 30 more as installers and/or consultants.

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Our company provides 24/7 service to our customers, and it is vital for us to know that our systems are running properly at all times. The live information from Logic Energy’s solution ensures peace of mind and allows us to deliver a proactive approach, keeping our customers satisfied round the clock.
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