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Keep clients & visitors informed on the go

Logic Energy provides a truly Universal monitoring service: Our system can connect to all weather stations and environmental sensors measuring wind speed, direction, air, water or soil quality, rainfall, humidity and pressure, solar intensity and UV – providing essential data on local conditions.

Engage with your visitors by having a continuous link of communication via mobile phone App. You can provide your visitors with access to real time local information directly to their mobile handsets.

Fully Managed Live Monitoring System

Our Public Displays are a self-maintaining and always ‘Live’

  • Access Live local Weather information
  • Fully independent Wireless GPRS system
  • Full display integration with your organisation’s website
  • Easy mobile access for service users
  • Installation at any stage
  • Remote Fully Managed Web System
What makes it great?

No need to install any specialist software – All you need is a web browser get access to your data anywhere and anytime.
Logic Energy‘s multiple level hierarchical system enables you to view all your sites in one place: track, archive, analyse and compare energy, resource use and all environmental conditions using our centralised Site Manager.

Share specific site Live local Weather information

Logic Energy’s reliable and comprehensive monitoring system gives you precise Real Time data on local or specific site weather and environmental conditions, 24/7. Our intuitive web-based system makes it easy to access invaluable information on local environmental conditions to help you plan and manage your activities and facilities.
No need to install any specialist software – All you need is a web browser (such as a web-enabled mobile phone, PC or public display) to access this data anywhere and anytime.

Fully independent Wireless GPRS system

Logic Energy provides a truly independent monitoring service – we provide real time meteorological information in ANY situation and it can be installed at ANY stage.
Logic Energy’s system is accurate, rugged and compact. Our equipment has very low power requirements so it can function in remote locations without the need for mains power or a standard Internet connection, it is self-powered and fully Wireless.

Full display integration with your organisation’s website

With a potential to fully integrate with your organisation’s web page using customisable widgets or links to a public display dashboard, you can educate and inform the wider public, providing Live Local weather data and promoting your organisation to a world-wide audience.

Custom Alerts put you and your clients in control, flagging weather warnings as soon as possible.

Remote Web Public displays and mobile phone widgets for your clients and visitors to be up to date with the site specific weather conditions

Enhance visibility and communication with your clients

All data stored on your account can be downloaded in CSV or Excel format or to a professional data analysis programme for your own analysis. Our LeSENSE web portal provides you with the basic tools to do a pre-analysis of your wind data

Only the best Data Centres

With Logic Energy you can be sure that your data is safe with us, thanks to a continuous 365 days live data backup. Our system is hosted on a global SAS70 Type II certified data centre and uses the latest in data centre technology making it one of the most secure and reliable in the world.

Your data is safe

Your data is safer with us than any other field data logger, thanks to a continuous 365 days live data backup

Barnsley Council

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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There are so many different systems on the market that connect to a particular renewable energy installation and no other and the benefit of the Logic Energy system is that it can connect to them all and we can then view all our information in one place. The system has had a positive impact on the school, it’s brilliant!
Richard Waterhouse
Principal Officer AMP/Capital Programme
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