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Father Collins Park

Dublin’s Father Collins Park extends to 26 Hectares and was opened in May 2009 as Ireland’s first wholly sustainable park. The park is dominated by five 30m high wind turbines which form a 360m long promenade that run the length of an artificial lake. The park also includes four full size all-weather grass football pitches and training area; a skate park; playgrounds; recreation areas; health stations and running and cycle tracks. A feasibility study for the wind turbines was carried out in 2006 and was part-funded (80%) by Sustainable Energy Ireland with the remainder by Dublin City Council. Results showed that whilst average wind powers would be likely to be lower than desired for a commercial wind farm, they would be a feasible sustainable energy supply to power a local park’s energy requirements.
From initial design and conception the Council and park designers intention was to promote energy self-sufficiency and increase public awareness of the use of renewable resources in the parks to establish Dublin as a pioneer in the construction of public spaces that are self-sustaining. The energy that the wind turbines produced would be used to power the parks lighting, aeration and water features and cutting CO2 emissions and creating financial savings over the longer term.

Logic Energy Solution

The Logic Energy Solution was to provide a number of on-site information display systems to provide real-time data on the performance of the turbines providing park users with the opportunity to learn how much energy was being produced and how much carbon was being saved. A weather station was also installed connecting weather sensors across the park. The fully independent wireless GPRS system connects weather sensors across the vast site directly to the display dashboards allowing park users to access live local weather information 24/7 365 days a year.

Logic Energy also supplied a display interface that was bespoke to Father Collins Park helping to instil the sense of local community and ownership.


Energy generated from the 5 wind turbines is monitored and displayed directly to park users and other stakeholders.  Import monitors show that 19% of power generated is feeding out of the park for the Councils own use.  Weather information such as wind speed, sunlight and temperature is also measured through various sensors in real time.  Weather information; energy generated; and CO2 emissions saved are all fed into the public display dashboards in real time which park users can view through the various displays located around the park.  The display dashboard is integrated into the City Councils website with real-time information provided on-line, showing how much energy is generated as well as the Park’s contribution to annual CO2 savings for Dublin.

The system also feeds data direct to service users’ mobile devices with system alerts to notify them of any faults.  This live data feed saves costly maintenance charges and allows any faults to be detected and fixed quickly.

The Logic Energy system provides an informative public display showing real-time information that is a focal point for all visitors and makes sustainability feel quite exciting.  The park sells itself on its green credentials.

Lord Mayor Eibhlin Byrne stated:

Fr. Collins Park is a park for the people. It provides amenities for children, young people and adults of all ages in the North Central Area’s population of about 125,000. It (also) demonstrates Dublin City Council’s commitment to the innovative application of sustainable wind turbine technology.

Barnsley Council

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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There are so many different systems on the market that connect to a particular renewable energy installation and no other and the benefit of the Logic Energy system is that it can connect to them all and we can then view all our information in one place. The system has had a positive impact on the school, it’s brilliant!
Richard Waterhouse
Principal Officer AMP/Capital Programme
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