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Efficient Technology

Technology that helps you save time and money without any technical skills, just your mobile phone. One versatile technology to meet all your remote monitoring needs.

Logic Energy Hardware
(LeNET data input)


Remote data is collected Live with LeNETmobile, a fully autonomous GSM/GPRS remote unit that can be installed in any farm without the need of any external wiring.

  • LeNETmobile is able to measure any weather sensor like Humidity, Temperature, Rain collection, Wind speeds and direction, Soil temperature and even cooling rooms.
  • Using mobile technology [GPRS] it means the system is fully mobile and totally independent of electrical mains or Internet connection. Just wire sensors in and LeNETmobile starts transmitting data to LeSENSE web portal
  • Extremely low Energy consumption

Logic Energy Software
(LeSENSE management platform)

Data from LeNETmobile is automatically fed to our web portal LeSENSE every 10 minutes. This means you can see what’s happening right now, last night or even last season.

In order to make sure you have access to all your important data and information Live 24/7 we use the best technology in data centers: SAS70 Type II

  • All the data is indexed, encoded and archived our our servers so you can access it anytime, anywhere from any web enabled device.
  • Logic Energy LeSENSE web portal allows you to supervise and manage all your site from a single point of access without the need of any complex or expensive software. There’s no limit on the number of sites you can monitor: land conditions, ambiance in storage rooms, etc

Logic Energy Client
(mobile phone, PC access)

Accessing your site’s status remotely is as easy as having an email account. Just log in onto LeSENSE web management portal and all your systems will be there with the latest status and information collected.

LeSENSE allows you to setup custom displays that can be showed on storage or cooling rooms so the site manager can keep an eye on the latest production status without the need to log-in onto computers, always Live.

  • Have all of this vital information always with you in your pocket, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Just use your mobile phone to see latest situation.
  • Set-up custom alerts and warnings to notify different staff for extreme weather conditions or ambiance stock control.
  • Log all the data, alerts and warnings so faults can be tracked, explained and prevented


A typical Logic Energy system will allow to monitor any ambiance temperatures or weather conditions like rain and wind helping farm managers to make the most of their time and their team.

The system can also monitor any machine status, energy use or generation and operation of for example refrigeration compressors for cooling rooms, how many times cooling rooms doors are opened and the impact on storage temperature and energy wasted by the compressor.

More technological features:
Is Fast,
really Fast!

All your information is at the reach of your finger tips, literally! Just use the mobile phone App or Public Display

Truly Remote Live Monitoring

Time is money, the information you see in LeSENSE is always live, you can see what’s happening right now from anywhere in the world.

Universal Management

No matter what your monitoring needs are, we can interface with it: temperature, solar, wind, soil, cooling, heating, electricity…

Fully Managed

Logic Energy system is fully managed, that means you do not have to worry to maintain anything, we make sure things keep ticking for you.

Barnsley Council

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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There are so many different systems on the market that connect to a particular renewable energy installation and no other and the benefit of the Logic Energy system is that it can connect to them all and we can then view all our information in one place. The system has had a positive impact on the school, it’s brilliant!
Richard Waterhouse
Principal Officer AMP/Capital Programme
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