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SMART Mobile Technology for more effective control

Agricultural and Horticultural weather management and control specialists Agri-tech approached Logic Energy with a request to add to their portfolio of weather management reporting tools and provide a system that could be used by farmers and landowners in remote areas.

With the increase in modern day farming protocols and an increased demand for accountability, Agri-tech have seen a huge increase in demand for more powerful management tools to record data to help farmers make informed decisions easily. It is essential that they know what is happening across the land in real time and more efficient monitoring tools are needed as farmers embrace new technology to manage their farms more efficiently.

Agri-tech MD Simon Turner was keen to find a solution to the time management issues faced by farmers who deal with a variety of day to day management decisions involving correct soil temperature for sowing; temperature of growing tunnels; compaction of soil due to extreme weather conditions and management of harvest gangs. Simon revealed

One of the key costs to farmers is caused by time mismanagement through driving to remote sites.

Logic Energy SMART Phone Solution

Logic Energy teamed up with Agri-tech to launch the Agri-tech Logic Remote Climate Station which provides farmers with a vital decision making tool for live monitoring across multiple sites connecting data directly to their mobile handsets or pcs. True remote weather monitors that are self-powered simply plug into existing equipment to give real time information which is sent via GPRS networks.  The data is then delivered through bespoke reporting facilities in graph form to suit the user needs which can then be exported into CSV and Excel format as required.  With individually set threshold settings farmers can be notified of extreme temperatures, wind speeds and rainfall through weather alerts and alarms to help with both weather and irrigation management.

Using innovative GPRS technology and bespoke data driven software the solution delivers a site specific solution for monitoring remote sites. All data is connected live direct to users mobile phones without the need for any software installs or technology know-how. The remote fully managed web system offers a secure and simple solution with easy to use and read displays.  The system offers farmers sophisticated data logging tools so that they can better plan future planting by comparison of data in various locations and look at historical data showing weather systems from previous years.


The Agri-tech Logic Remote Climate Station allows farmers to make crucial management decisions without the need for actual site visits improving journey planning and reducing transport fuel consumption.  The easy to read and use displays feed live data direct to the users handsets enabling them to use their time more efficiently and also providing accurate data which can then be compared and analysed.  Such data can not only help plan future crop rotations but can also assist when looking at Growing Degree Days [GDD] to predict plant and pest development rates for fertiliser and manure applications.  The easy to use live data enables farmers to take informed and educated decisions and action immediately.

The collaboration between Agri-tech and Logic Energy brings together two experts in their own field to provide an innovative solution to Agri-tech customers and provides Agri-tech with a reliable and trusted technology provider.

One of Agri-tech’s satisfied customers confirms

We currently drive a round circuit of 80 miles up to three times per week checking rain gauge readings from our cropped area. We would get our monthly running costs of the “Logic Remote Climate Station” system back in one journey.

Agri-tech Services (UK) Ltd

Agri-tech Services specialises in providing high-tech services and solutions to Agriculture Horticulture and Industry

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We would get our monthly running costs of the “Logic Energy Remote Climate Station” system back in one journey. The capital cost of the equipment would be more than paid off in one season – it’s a no brainer
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