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IoT & M2M devices

IoT is about remote devices being connected. Logic Energy has over a decade experience connecting devices: machine to machine, Internet cloud connected devices and GSM connectivity.

We can customise any of our existing remote devices for your requirements. Our specialisation is extremely low power connectivity via the GPRS network.


LeNet Mobile.png

LeNETmobile is our very stable and reliable cellular [GPRS] device, with nearly a decade of operations experience. 

LeNETmobile is a remote data logger with built-in memory storage and real time Internet connectivity. What it makes LeNETmobile really special is its extremely low energy consumption for a device that uses the mobile network like 3G and it is always 24/7 connected. 

Whether is fix or mobile asset monitoring and management, LeNETmobile is a safe solution 



Machinon is our latest addition. What makes Machinon unique, is its open architecture.

Machinon is a light industrial PLC and miniBeMS or BMS [Building energy Management System] combined in one, with a Raspberry Pi as a computer. 

Machinon has been built with over 12 years of experience on designing Industrial electronics, added to its open architecture and Open Source software with the Raspberry Pi, it means you are free to customise your IoT solution as much as you need. No ties, no red tape, 100% pure EDGE power and IoT ready


LeNETmobile and Machinon can be customised to your OEM requirements.

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