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Technology that maximises Energy

Logic Energy’s power relies on its ability to monitor any type of installation, be it solar, wind, heat, bio-gas, hydrogen… Our easy to use, easy to install systems makes it possible for Energy targets to be reached.

Logic Energy Hardware
(LeNET data input)


Our LeNETmobile can connect to a versatile number of sensors, weather, energy meters or even internal sensors from wind turbines and generators. The data from these sensors is automatically uploaded via GSM to our Logic Energy servers where all the information is securely archived for you.

  • LeNETmobile connects with the majority of energy meters and weather sensors on any application
  • Using GSM connection to transmit Live data allows us be very flexible where the hardware is installed, from building to remote farms.
  • LeNETmobile consumes so little power that to run it for a full year it would cost less than €0.10

Logic Energy Software
(LeSENSE management platform)

Our dedicated managed servers are 24/7 man operated  on one of the best data center networks in the world. To make sure your data is protected we run backups every single day of the week.

  • Logic Energy uses SAS70 Type II certified data centers to run our web management portal LeSENSE. This is the same technology as Banks use
  • Having all your data on the cloud gives you the potential of limitless data, with a Full Management system like LeSENSE this data is always easy to access and ready for you, in numbers and in reports formats.

Logic Energy Client
(mobile phone, PC access)

The end user only needs to log onto our web management portal to access real time information anywhere.

As simple as having an email address, the only tool needed to access your installations is a mobile phone, computer or any Internet enabled device like a Tablet. 

  • Clients can have access to custom displays with just the information they need at glance, leaving all the technical bits out.
  • Managing sites, installations and clients never has been easier, LeSENSE allows to set up different levels or hierarchy, groups organisation and user levels.
  • Set automatic email alerts for different thresholds and visually access any historical data so nothing is missed.


A typical Logic Energy system will have a wide variety of data points and sensors, covering energy generation, exported and imported electricity to maximise feed in tariff (FiT) and very important weather conditions to measure the efficiency of the renewable energy system.

The information is updated in real time every 10 minutes so the manager or user can view what is happening right now. Best of all, no need for a computer, just use a mobile phone so your renewable energy systems are always with you day and night.

More technological features:
Is Fast,
really Fast!

Access any Live or historical data real fast, even on a mobile phone

Truly Remote Live Monitoring

Don’t wait for yesterday’s data, you can have right here right now

Universal Management

Wondering if it is possible to remote monitor it? YES IT IS, talk to us

Fully Managed

We manage all the technical and complex things so you can concentrate on your business

Inverclyde Council

Inverclyde is one of 32 council areas used for local government in Scotland.

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We chose to use Logic Energy as it offered Inverclyde Schools a bespoke service that was tailored towards the individual schools needs. We now use the Logic Energy dashboards as part of the school curriculum and to help eco focus groups.”
Edward Montgomery
Property Services Manager - Inverclyde Council
Logic Energy is a
Business Member of the:
Green Hosting
Logic Energy only uses Data Centers
member of the International Tree Foundation