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Efficient Renewable Energy Performance
Impressive reporting capabilities

Create an evidence base around the performance of renewable energies based on different sites.
Our comprehensive and intuitive system gives you access to real live information 24/7 via our web-portal and dashboards. There is no need to install any specialist software – All you need is a mobile phone or laptop to get access to your data in real-time anywhere and anytime.

Fully Managed Live Monitoring System

  • Multi-site Performance Tracking & Comparison
  • Monitor solar, wind, hydro, biomass, heat systems…
  • Web Remote Access Live Information 24/7
  • Custom Alerts put you in control
  • Maximise income generation / Reduce running costs
  • Remote Fully Managed Web System
  • Public Displays
What makes it great?

Remote Fully Managed Web System: With one login you have access to all your areas using our centralised Site Manager, as well as automatic alerts to your inbox, reports, charting and data comparison tools

Our system is compatible with meters for all energy sources and all environmental sensors such as temperature or air quality, providing real time status updates on all your assets.

Monitoring of your renewable energy production is a simple and cost effective way to maximise performance and value of your investment

Custom Alerts put you in control, flagging up system faults as soon as possible and reducing system downtime. By gathering performance data centrally you’ll know of an issue before the customer, enabling excellent customer support.

Customised to track and archive performance and environmental data, our system can help you to compare energy output to expected return. It´s simple to produce high quality visual reports and charts online, or export data in CVS or Excel format.

Using our accurate data logging equipment you will be able to access detailed information via remotely accessed data storage, significantly reducing the risk of losing important data and improving responsiveness.

Only the best Data Centres

With Logic Energy you can rest assured that your data is safe. We use global SAS70 Type II certified data centres.

Your data is safe

Your data is safer with us than any other field data logger, thanks to a continuous 365 days live data backup.

Community Energy Scotland

Community Energy Scotland is Scotland's only national charity dedicated to supporting communities to develop renewable energy projects,

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The data we will receive from the installed remote monitoring systems will not only allow us to monitor the 28 sites, but could also allow us to devise a predictive maintenance.
Community Energy Scotland
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