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Universal Technology that educates

Logic Energy Public displays and dashboards are built on Internet, this makes them extremely easy to use and widely available. No matter what you need to showcase we can do it.

Logic Energy Hardware
(LeNET data input)


Data-loggers are great to collect very useful information but without a way to make this information easily understandable and quick to understand… it can be hard work to make sense of it. Our hardware LeNETmobile delivers the information just the way you want it.

  • LeNETmobile connects automatically to the Internet via GSM, avoiding any IT and security policies conflicts from public buildings.
  • Weather, Energy use, Energy generation, Ambient temperatures, anything can be connected to LeNETmobile
  • Our hardware has been designed for energy efficiency, so much that it will run for a full year for less than the cost of a photocopy.

Logic Energy Software
(LeSENSE management platform)

Our dedicated servers and web portal makes it possible to deliver a hassle free solution for any business. We make sure the system is up and running 24/7 and available to you and your visitors. 

  • Logic Energy uses the same level of data centers that Banks use for the highest availability and reliability
  • Having a Public Display on the Cloud or Internet gives you limitless displays available anywhere to as many viewers as you need.

Logic Energy Client
(mobile phone, PC access)

To access the Public Displays, just use an Internet enabled device like a laptop or tablet and the informative dashboard is always there for you with the latest data feeds.

Share the public display with as many visitors, friends and co-workers, there’s no limit.

  • The Public Display can be as custom as your organisation needs them to be. From very simple live feeds to very complex automated algorithms to provide real time results and analysis
  • Multiple displays from different sites combined is also possible, creating competitions between different areas or a lead table (CRC)
  • Behind the Public Displays there’s LeSENSE to manage and organise all the locations and installations at the same time


Public buildings can monitor and share Live information from their Green Energy installations at the same time than monitoring the Energy efficiency of the building. By being able to bring together any monitoring need under one portal, be it energy use or ambient conditions, the results provide a much fuller and wider picture.

Live information updates data every 10 minutes in real time so all the displays can become Live Information displays

More technological features:
Is Fast,
really Fast!

Share your displays on the go, anywhere

Truly Remote Live Monitoring

Showcase how systems are performing right now. 

Universal Management

Bring together all the information from multiple sources

Fully Managed

We remotely manage and maintain your public displays

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