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Building Energy Generation & Usage

A Scottish council looking to make financial savings due to recent budget cuts needed to make decisions on whether renewable energy could improve the efficiency of their existing buildings. They wanted a time saving system that would allow them to get instant live data whenever they needed it and which would store the data in an easy to read format so that they didn’t have to spend time searching through mountains of spreadsheets and data when analysing results. They approached Logic Energy to look at their electricity and gas consumption across all their local authority buildings including their schools and colleges.  The Council asked Logic Energy to help them look at the costs of their buildings for energy inefficiencies.  They also wanted to know whether installation of renewable energy sources could help them to lower their costs further and reduce their CO2 emissions.

Logic Energy Solution

Logic Energy have installed a bespoke live monitoring solution that will provide real time monitoring across a variety of council owned buildings in order to discover their “green potential.” A thorough period of monitoring is being carried out on electricity and gas meters to measure existing use of energy to see where savings can be made.
The Logic Energy monitoring system was also connected to various meteorological sensors around the council buildings for them to begin their assessment of potential energy sources. The live monitoring system connects to an anemometer to measure wind energy potential and to a pyranometer to measure solar energy potential on roof space. Temperature sensors with radiation shields detect PV efficiency and rain buckets on the roof access water collection levels. The live monitoring system samples data every second with statistics stored every 10 minutes in order to provide an accurate profile.
The monitoring system is networked to a customised Logic Energy web portal which provides live information 24/7 to the council and organises information across multiple sites into easy to read graphs to enable the council to make comparisons on costs and also assess total costs across all its buildings. The Logic Energy solution provides a truly automated management system for the council that connects directly to mobile handsets and PCs enabling them to view and compare data in real time.

The Results

Thorough measurement by the Logic Energy monitoring system over several months will enable the council to make the appropriate decision as whether to invest in solar thermal, wind, solar pv or biomass systems to best meet the needs and environment of each building before investment. By measuring and monitoring things such as wind speed, sunlight, temperature and rainfall the right decision can be made as to which type of renewable energy system to install. This information will also allow them to make a decision on which supplier to use as manufacturer specifications all vary with systems being suited to different environments. Accurate profiling of each building is ensured by the live monitoring system which records all data.
These measurements are all fed into one system which organises the data into easy to read graphs and charts which all stakeholders can understand and which can be accessed instantly whenever they need it. Users are able to connect easily to the customised Logic Energy portal through either their mobile handsets or pcs ensuring both simplicity and convenience for users. The Logic Energy system has saved the Council expensive analytical time already and has allowed them to make quick assessments on both individual buildings and multiple sites.


The system provides reliable information that will assist the council when taking out insurance cover on a renewable system with accurate forecast calculations that can be compared against any warranty conditions.

The Hydrogen Office

The Hydrogen Office project demonstrates the role that energy efficiency, renewables and hydrogen can play in reducing the future impact of climate change and energy security of supply concerns securing our energy supply.

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