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PCE have various types of testing and measuring products, handheld and desktop. At the moment they stock around 500 different types of quality tools to measure various parameters in the physical, electrical and chemical spectrums.  They provide lots of tools to complete the task, be it monitoring, analysis, measurement or testing.


Emtec Group Whether its basic consumption, Solar Thermal, PV or Biomass installations, Emtec Energy offer the complete turnkey solution for all your renewable requirements. We have recently partnered with Logic Energy, as we are confident that together we can tailor and create bespoke monitoring systems for our diverse client base. Through our partnership, we can ensure that our clients ranging from local authorities to high end commercial businesses  get the most out of their systems and can have faith in the professional and high standards set by both Emtec Energy and Logic Energy.

Tecnico Site Services Ltd Tecnico Tecnico Energy Solutions Ltd provide innovative solutions to your energy needs whether you are connected to a grid or not. Tecnico design, supply and install wind,solar and hydro renewable energy systems for houses, businesses and full communities. Tecnico are recognised as the leading small wind authority in the New Zealand/South Pacific Area having won the New Zealand Industry Best Wind installation for three consecutive years. 2010 – 2012. The 2012 award was for a full community level wind and solar supply to replace diesel generation on Matiu-Somes Island, in Wellington Harbour, for which Le Net monitoring is used and the site can be viewed HERE Tecnico undertake wind surveys to measure and analyse wind readings to assess the viability of wind power


Enhar is a renewable energy consulting company based in Melbourne. The team at Enhar are engineers experienced in wind and solar technology projects. Another part of Enhar’s work is energy conservation – Enhar undertakes energy audits and provides recommendations on how to cut energy bills for residential or commercial sites and how to reduce carbon intensity of production processes. Renewable energy resource monitoring has been part of Enhar’s service provision for many years, Enhar has a track record in wind and weather monitoring for a range of clients. Enhar ensures that good quality data is available in order to make informed decisions about sizing, installing and operating sustainable energy systems.

The Pure Energy® Centre, the Pure® fuel, renewable energy, energy storage company, and a leader in renewable hydrogen systems, provides independent technical & consultancy services for the energy, renewable energy, transport, heating, building and hydrogen, oxygen, CNG, nitrogen sectors. At the Pure Energy Centre we deliver proven, guaranteed, independent energy solutions for your project across the environmental & energy spectrum including:

  • Renewable energy
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells technologies
  • Oxygen, CNG, Nitrogen and other gases
  • Control & monitoring
  • Consulting
  • Project management and environmental services
  • Energy infrastructure projects
  • Renewable hydrogen training courses
  • Technology integration

Dragons Breath When away from mains power sources Dragons Breath Solar can provide a wide range of renewable components such as off grid solar kits for remote applications. Vertical axis wind turbines, Our VAWT provide storage of low voltage power into batteries. The uses include promoting the use of natural energy resources within the educational sector of schools, colleges and science workshops.


Derwent Hydroelectric Power Ltd.

Derwent Hydro began in 1988 with a passion for water power. We run our own hydropower schemes and have been involved in around 30 more as installers and/or consultants.

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Our company provides 24/7 service to our customers, and it is vital for us to know that our systems are running properly at all times. The live information from Logic Energy’s solution ensures peace of mind and allows us to deliver a proactive approach, keeping our customers satisfied round the clock.
Derwent Hydroelectric
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