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About us & Our values

We believe that earning our customers trust is a privilege, and doing the right thing is always the best course of action.

Sustainable and organic growth is key to our company, you can see examples of these core values in small details across the organisation, from our electronics devices always being manufactured in the EU, or only using data centres that are part of the International Tree Foundation

The first areas of work were within renewable energy, simplifying remote data collection for hybrid system in very remote areas where connectivity and energy to power the devices was non existent. The technology evolved from a simple remote stand alone data logger in 2007 to today’s fully automated EDGE IoT devices with Cloud and Platform connectivity. 

During this process we covered many disciplines of energy, from renewable energy generation (wind, solar, biomass, hybrid systems and generators) to smart devices in homes, cities and grids with EV & battery charging for Demand Response purposes. - make sure to check out 'Our work' section for more information. 

During these years we had the pleasure to work with some of the biggest Utility companies in the UK, International NGOs and high tech Bluechip PLCs. We take a lot of pride delivering always successful projects to our customers.

Today we use Logic Energy technology in multiple products, some of them are OEM for our customers and others use our own brand like WINDCRANE, Machinon, WattyWatty and WINDLogger. All of them share our love for sustainability, core technology and helping the community. 

  • WINDCRANE uses our IoT GSM devices and IoT Platform to provide Health & Safety, Uptime optimisation and Weather and Legal protection for the Constructions sector. 

  • Machinon is an open architecture miniBeMS & Smart Home system, able to run locally independently or connected to a Cloud platform. 

  • WattyWatty is fun educational content for Schools about Renewable energy. We all know wind generates energy, but what generates the wind? 

  • WINDLogger was the first ever device designed by Logic Energy in 2007. Today still commercially available due to its endurance and reliability, used by organisations like NASA.

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