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Extension of Logic Energy’s global reach in Telecoms Market

Logic Energy are increasing their global market share with Logic monitoring devices now being used in “25” countries worldwide across the USA, South America and Europe.  

We are delighted to announce a new continent to our export map with Logic Energy wind monitoring devices now being supplied through ESG Green Energy and Tecnico, who specialise in the maintenance and installation of wind, solar and hydro systems to telecommunications and navigation sites across New Zealand.

The telecommunication sector has seen a remarkable increase in the number of installations worldwide in the last five years, often in extremely remote areas resulting in difficult and costly maintenance and servicing contracts to power them.  The industry serves over four billion customers with an average of 1.5lines each and generates 183million tons of CO2 emissions annually.  This amounts to 0.7% of global emissions.  There is now a cost driven focus on reducing direct and indirect CO2 emission through improving efficiencies and reducing indirect energy consumption.  Networks are normally powered at all times, even though their usage varies with outputs generally lower at night times and seasonal site variations affecting energy inputs.

MD Eduardo Estelles commented “We are delighted to be supplying Tecnico in New Zealand and are finding that telecoms are a growth sector for us.  In 2010 we provided WEC Chile with our LeNETmobile live remote monitor after being asked to specify the most efficient renewable power source for one of their telecoms clients who wanted to cut generator costs and have access to detailed real time reports for their Directors and Investors.  Given the prices of oil, it will become more and more common for telecoms companies to use hybrid renewable systems to power their appliances.  Indeed diesel theft is becoming an increasing problem from remote telecoms installations due to price increases which is compounding this problem.”

“Our experience in Latin America has shown that monitoring of telecoms systems provides an effective solution to stakeholders who need to know potential wind and solar generation throughout the year in order to make significant maintenance cost savings.  Our colleagues in New Zealand have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of power and energy and inputs into grid systems and it is a pleasure to supply our systems to them.

Logic Energy’s exports now account for 40% of Logic’s turnover with turnover set to grow 100% this year. The newly released “Renewables 2011 Global Status Report” authored by Worldwatch Institute Senior Fellow Janet Sawin, shows that the renewable energy sector continues to perform well despite continuing economic recession, incentive cuts and low natural gas prices. The EU exceeded its 2010 targets for wind, solar PV, concentrating solar thermal power, and heating/heat pumps. Countries including Finland, Germany, Spain, and Taiwan raised their targets, and South Africa, Guatemala, and India, among others, introduced new ones.

China led the world in installation of wind turbines and solar thermal systems and was the top hydro-power producer in 2010.  The country added an estimated 29GW of grid-connected renewable capacity, for a total of 252 GW, an increase of 13% compared with 2009.  South America has also seen increasing investment of wind, hydro-power and biomass with Brazil producing virtually all of the world’s sugar-derived ethanol.

Logic is currently largely focusing their attentions in Europe with a view to looking to expand existing US sales in the near future.

“The live data information our products deliver gives our customers security and peace of mind that their installations are delivering maximum outputs all of the time,” explained Eduardo.  “Customers are increasingly becoming addicted to checking that their investments are delivering and Logic Energy’s products deliver this reassurance to them.”


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Our company provides 24/7 service to our customers, and it is vital for us to know that our systems are running properly at all times. The live information from Logic Energy’s solution ensures peace of mind and allows us to deliver a proactive approach, keeping our customers satisfied round the clock.
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